Sports massage can be used in conjunction with other treatment techniques, as a treatment by itself, or as a pre/post treatment for sporting events. 

You may not necessarily have a specific injury to benefit from a sports massage, or a course of sessions.

Sports massage can help to treat: muscular aches and pains; muscular back ache; neck and shoulder tension; and tight muscles from overuse. It works to:

  • Relieve tension by stretching and mobilising tissues that cannot be directly targeted using self stretching.
  • Stretch the muscle fibres using a variety of techniques, enabling pain relief caused by tight muscles, and increasing flexibility.
  • Help reduce and break down scar tissue caused by injury.
  • Help with the removal of lactic acid, and the uptake of injury.

Maintenance Massage

Maintenance massage is a very popular treatment as it is suitable for, and can benefit anyone. From athletes who train daily, to office workers hunched over a desk all day. Maintenance is best performed at regular intervals, for example every 4-6 weeks, and prevents build ups of aches and pains. This helps to maintain the highest level of performance whilst staying injury free.

Event Sports Massage

Sports massage at a sporting event can be performed pre, during or post event.

Pre-event sports massage is performed in the lead up to an event or competition, helping prepare your body to perform at its optimum level.

During-event massage is often used in endurance events, when a competitor picks up a niggle or needs that extra push to the finish line.

Post-event massage is excellent to help promote recovery after an event, helping to clear out any waste products that have built up within the muscles over the event.